Phase 2

Phase 2 will begin in the second quarter following the token launch. In Phase 2, the focus will be on driving token adoption, laying the groundwork for commercial usage, and establishing an ecosystem with automated buyback and burning of $GROK tokens to encourage businesses to utilize AI technology and to provide API documentation for developers.

  • 80,000 $GROK holders

  • GROK Payment Processor MVP and Beta

  • GROK Artist Premium Version

  • GROK Chat Premium Version

  • GROK AI Trading Bot - Cloud Connect & Seed Env

  • GROK Scanner - ETH, ARB, OKX

  • GROK Trading Analytics Beta

  • More CEX Listing on Top Exchanges

  • Cross Bridge / Worm Hole for Arb Layer 2 Chain

  • Cryptocurrency conventions and sponsorship

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